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   SQS 1–2/2014

Kuvaaja Aurora Reinhard © The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas

Kuvaaja Aurora Reinhard
© The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas


SQS-lehti vaihtaa julkaisualustaa / The new publishing platform of SQS Journal

SQS-lehti tullaan vuodesta 2015 lähtien julkaisemaan Tieteellisten Seurain Valtuuskunnan (TSV) julkaisuportaalissa, jonne siirretään myös lehden aikaisemmat numerot.

TSV:n julkaisuportaali / The new publishing platform

Suomen Queer-tutkimuksen Seura / Society of Queer Studies in Finland


SQS Journal:

SQS: Journal of Queer Studies in Finland is a trilingual publication welcoming articles, commentaries, and reviews written in Finnish, Swedish, and English. While SQS seeks to question existing normativities, including academic ones, it still insists on standards that ensure the validity and reliability of research. Hence SQS functions as a peer-reviewed academic journal. The anonymity of the writers and referees is maintained to ensure the impartiality of the referees’ comments. Articles submitted will be peer reviewed by at least two referees who are experts in the author’s particular field. Texts other than articles and essays — commentaries, reviews, and so forth — are reviewed by the editorial board.

SQS is published twice a year, late spring and early winter. Articles and other texts can be submitted for review throughout the year. The journal is an open access journal, available online, free of charge.

SQS is published by Suomen Queer-tutkimuksen Seura – Sällskapet för Queerforskning i Finland – The Society for Queer Studies in Finland (SQS). The society was founded on July 6th, 2004 to promote queer studies in Northern Europe. It supports queer research, including critical, theoretical, and empirical explorations of genders and sexualities. This includes research on lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual issues.

The Society for Queer Studies in Finland respects and seeks to continue the groundbreaking work of gay and lesbian studies. The society also seeks to question and analyze heteronormativities and heterosexualities. The focus is on research that interrogates and deconstructs existing categories of identity and hegemonies of discourses. As a community of scholars and students, SQS engages ideas and interpretations from a multidisciplinary perspective. The society participates in public debates and seeks to establish connections with other societies, communities, and researchers. The society also aspires to strengthen the academic status of scholars who do queer research.

SQS aims to make queer studies more visible by offering a multidisciplinary forum for research, debate, and discussion.

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